Innovation to help manage your business:

What is LadderChat?

Queue management software to track and manage your waiting customers for multiple industries. LadderChat has a number of preset features for each industry with templates for restaurants and cafes, car dealerships, healthcare practices, marketing exhibitionist and others.

Why are businesses adopting LadderChat?

Businesses that use LadderChat have shown an increased positive customer experience by up to 90%.
With the increase in return business and loyal customers, we can support with their targeted marketing efforts from special events, special deals, new business information and more to support their business growth and targeting a proven active customer base.

The benefit of using our virtual or digital wait list:

  • Increased customer referrals and returns – customers share their experiences on social media and via word of mouth all the time. They’ll talk about your great business AND mention that they did not wait in line!
  • Increased customer experience – customers hate standing in queues. We’ve surveyed this and found that customer experience can be improved by up to 90% by using LadderChat.
  • Greater revenue – besides that more customers will be open to visiting your premises as they are no longer required to wait in line, customers are 60% more likely to stay and wait using the digital wait list. Customers have limited patience and we have proven that we can increase customer retention by up to 60% – cut your walk away customers in half!
  • Lead Capture – we helped The Picnic Burwood reactivated 4000+ customer groups for their Mexican PopUp event! Since we help you track your customers, re-market to them when you need.

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How did we do this?

We prioritised features that would benefit our customers:

Our notification platform is one of our key features that ensure our business’ customers are updated and informed of service. LadderChat’s message gateway was updated. Customers receive notifications within 1 second and are immediately notified of any updates. Businesses will also be informed if the message send was successful or not (e.g. if your customer’s phone is off). This means customers are immediately notified of service. Keeping your business and your customers updated is key to improving customer experience and customer retention.

White Label is also available. Businesses can send notifications with appropriate branding – you can customise LadderChat to suit your brand and demographic.


LadderChat’s new layout is intuitive and user friendly. Our goal was to understand how our customers use LadderChat – we tracked the data, got feedback and got to understand business requirements. One of our early adopters wanted more visibility of their customers, and as a result we revised our layout ensuring businesses were able to manage waiting customers more efficiently saving time during peak periods. The simple “add” button is brightly located at the bottom of the screen. So customers can be added to the wait list and the same button allows users to join the bookings list.

LadderChat’s new kiosk mode and host mode can be found at the top of the page. Easily select kiosk mode allowing LadderChat to run autonomously reducing your business costs. Host mode is great for additional service and support if your customers require it.


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