Student Services & Retail Banking

Increasing Efficiency with Technology

Reduce Wait Times & Boost Learning

Both student services and retail banking revolve around queuing for services and solutions. Customers form a line and wait for service.

Customers wait at least 14 minutes for service during peak periods - almost a quarter of an hour. Time that could be spent getting a coffee, lunch or preparing for your next lecture.

Allow students go to class, tutorials, study sessions rather than standing in line. LadderChat will sent alerts and messages letting students know it's their turn for service, speeding up tasks and efficiency. No more lining up multiple times due to uncertainty and costing resources.

  • Eliminate Lines
  • Reduce Resource Cost
  • Improve Student Productivity and Experience
  • Capture Reviews and Feedback
  • Insights and Reporting

Setup your paypal subscripton

How to setup your PayPal subscription Setup your PayPal subscription to easily turn on or off your service without interrupted service. After logging into LadderChat with your username and password, click the navigation icon on the top right hand corner of the screen:    …

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