LadderChat Wait List App

LadderChat’s wait list app is great for keeping track of your waiting customers. It is simple to use and is proven to increase customer experience and retention for your business.

Automated messages are sent when customers join the list, move up the list and leave the list. Our automated messages have been proven to increase customer experience by up to 90% – that’s happier customers, greater referrals and more repeat business.

Automated messaging is now more intuitive. Larger groups take longer to seat and by sending automated messages that arrive too early notifying them that their table is ready upsets customers. You can now set large groups and turn off automated messages for those groups. This will allow you to manually inform large groups of seating when their table is ready! Smaller groups will still receive automated messages ensuring you have at least 2-3 groups ready for service!

How to set large groups:

Login > navigation > my businesses> settings > wait list message settings > large group settings

My Businesses:


Wait list settings:

Large group settings:

Select the group size you do not want LadderChat to automatically message. This group will include both adults and toddlers.

How does it work now?

Large groups still receive a confirmation message on joining your business’ wait list. Instead, your team can directly inform large groups when ready! Use the ‘message’ icon and notify them direct. No more confusion! 

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