Self Service Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Wait List to Automatically Notify Customers

Digital Wait List for Busy Service

What is a self service kiosk?

Self service kiosks are commonly used to reduce labour costs. Self service kiosks allow customers to interact directly with a tablet or electronic screen to make enquires or gather information without needing human interaction or help.
LadderChat's self service wait list kiosk has proven to increase customer retention by up to 60% while reducing labour costs.

How to use LadderChat's kiosk

Track, manage and notify your customers with technology

Customers add themselves to LadderChat's tracker and receive a confirmation message.

"Hi Jane, this is to confirm you have been added to the queue - we'll notify you when it is almost your turn."

LadderChat automatically updates and notifies customers of service.

"Hi Jane, thanks for your patience - please make sure you ready for service as you are up next. See you soon!"

Your business experiences greater customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

"Hi Jane, you've been removed from our list - please see team member if this is incorrect. Thanks for visiting!"

Use Case @ Kentaro

Self Service Kiosk at Kentaro Cafe

Kentaro is one of the many cafes under the Oratnek branch located across Sydney Australia. Located in busy affluent Surry Hills area, Kentaro is busy during breakfast and lunch periods where customers clutter around waiting for a table.


  • Customers are unsure where to queue and business serving wrong customers,
  • Customers cluter outside cafe and receiving complaints from neighbouring businesses,
  • High staff cost needed to manage queue and waiting customers.


Running LadderChat in kiosk mode (self service mode) to manage, track and notify customers.


  • No more confusion. Customers are aware of the process and added themselves for service,
  • Uncluttered sidewalk as they wait at nearby park or nearby store,
  • Reduced business cost as LadderChat manages waiting customers.
  • Customers are more engaged by up to 60% ,
  • Customers are also up to 90% happier with service resulting in greater referrals and returns,
  • Staff productivity increased by up to 70% as staff no longer need to focus on queue management,
  • Saving businesses on average $870/month as employers are not required to higher additional staff to manage door.


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