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Setup your paypal subscripton

How to setup your PayPal subscription Setup your PayPal subscription to easily turn on or off your service without interrupted service. After logging into LadderChat with your username and password, click the navigation icon on the top right hand corner of the screen:    …

Patient Waiting Room Pagers

Why healthcare practices need a patient pager system: Making a booking, calling ahead, arriving early – doctors still run over time! On average, patients wait up to 37 minutes for their GP in Australia. This problem isn’t isolated to down under though, it is a…

Why more businesses are adopting LadderChat

  Innovation to help manage your business: What is LadderChat? Queue management software to track and manage your waiting customers for multiple industries. LadderChat has a number of preset features for each industry with templates for restaurants and cafes, car dealerships, healthcare practices, marketing exhibitionist…