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Digital Wait List to Manage Waiting Customers

Solution for Busy Events

How It Works

Improve the experience at your marketing event

Customers are added to LadderChat's tracker and receive a confirmation message.

"Hi Jane, thanks for visiting Infinity Travel - we'll let you know when a consultant is free. Thanks for your patience."

LadderChat automatically updates and notifies customers of service.

"Hi Jane, we're just about ready - please make your way back to our booth! See you soon!"

Your business experiences greater customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

"Hi Jane, thanks visiting Infinity Travel! We know it gets busy and appreciate your patience -Did you finish planning your trip?"

Use Case @ Infinity Travel

Infinity Travel National Exhbitions

Infinity Travel (subsidiary of Flight Centre Australia) host national travel conventions across Australia multiple times each year. Thousands of visitors attend for both travel advice and to arrange travel bookings.

Situation at Discover the Americas Exhibition:

  • High exhibition setup cost,
  • High volume of customers visiting exhibition,
  • Long queue for consultation at Infinity Travel booths,
  • Customers disgruntled and reluctant to queue for service at booths,
  • Disgruntled customers become less willing to make purchases.
  • Loss of business due to long wait periods and negative customer experience.


LadderChat will track, manage and notify waiting customers. LadderChat:

  • Tracks and manages customers in order of attendance,
  • LadderChat automatically notifies customers on progression and service.
  • Opens communication channel with waiting customers.
  • Capture customer information for future service.


  • Improved customers experience as customer are not required to stand in line,
  • Increased customer retention due to LadderChat notifications/updates,
  • Increased revenue resulting in improved ROI.
  • Used LadderChat as a lead capture - record customer information,
  • Tracked data such as customers peak times, average wait duration and more to better allocate resources.

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