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Wait List to Notify and Update Waiting Patients

Improve patient experience using live updates

We know your job has challenges

Patient's Patience

Patients wait on average 37 minutes per visit after their booked appointment time. Waiting patients can be upset or disgruntled from long waiting periods. When patients enter the waiting room and see other waiting patients, you can immediately sense the frustration.


Immediate Benefits:

  • Improved patient experience:
    • Patients hate waiting. LadderChat will automatically notify and update your waiting patients creating a better experience.
  • Reduced team and doctors stress:
    • You are busy enough! LadderChat manages patient expectations meaning no more upset or disgruntled patients.
  • Increased referrals:
    • Busy patients are more willing to visit and refer friends knowing notifications and updates are sent to the patient.


How It Works

Join LadderChat

Your team add patients to LadderChat's tracker. LadderChat automatically sends a confirmation notification ensuring your patient is updated.

"Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting Sydney Medical Centre. We'll notify you when Dr. Jones is ready to see you."

Patient notifications and updates

LadderChat automatically pages and communicates with your waiting patients creating a better waiting experience.

"Hi Sarah, thanks for waiting. Dr. Jones is just finishing up with a patient - please make sure you are ready at the clinic.


Patient satisfaction improves resulting in greater repeat patients and greater referrals. LadderChat automatically updates the next patient.

"Hi Sarah, we hope you feel better soon - please see our front staff if you require another appointment. Our pharmacy is also open till 9pm."

Impatient Patients

Patients hate waiting!

Few things are as important as reputation. Patients who are satisfied with their care visit more often and refer friends. The reverse is also true, dissatisfied patients will generally post reviews on sites like Google giving people an easy forum to post their experiences about bad medical care.

Doctors require time to diagnose and treat. Dealing with disgruntled and irritated patients that had to wait long periods is not part of the expected work day. LadderChat will manage your patients and set expectations.

Your front desk team is focused on booking appointments, billing and chasing patients. Let LadderChat handle common questions like "How long is the wait to see the Doctor?" or "How many patients ahead of me?". Try our patient pager at your hospital - the personal patient call message.

Enhanced Experience

90 %

Improved Efficiency

75 %

Automated Service

Automatically notify and improve patient experience. Allow your patients to grab a coffee, bagel or visit the post office while they wait.

LadderChat will keep your patients updated and notified ensuring customers are ready for service. No more missing customers or negative reviews.

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