Extraordinarily Simple Technology

Wait List Manager in 4 Easy Steps

Keep your customers engaged to ensure your busy business stays busy

Adding Customers

Capture your customer's details including name, contact details, email,  additional information and more to ensure you're tracking your business leads.

Add to Wait List
Add to Bookings
Optional for Hospitality
Live Groups
Kiosk Mode

Customer Manager

Track all your customers across any device. Your smartphone, tablet, Ipad and computer will provide live synced information allowing your business to better manage resources.

Customer Notifications

Automatically send text messages to your waiting customers. Send text messages to your customers when they are added to the wait list, moved up the wait list and are ready for service using LadderChat's text message wait lists feature. Keep your customers engaged with immediate notifications.

Manual Push Message
Tick for Service
Manually Push Notifications
Cross for Cancel
Delayed Undo

Servicing Customers

LadderChat lets your business stay in control. Service the customers in the order you want and allocate your resources.


  • Increase revenue from better customer management
  • Reduce stress from angry or upset customers
  • Improve customer experience allowing better reviews and customer referrals
  • Eliminate customer confusion and queue jumpers
  • Capture customer information to follow-up
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Other Great Features

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode will allow customers to add themselves to the queue. Reduce labour costs and business resources.

See our use case at Oratnek and Kentaro.



Your business brand on our application and all correspondence including sender name, business logo and more. Create a better customer experience to ensure your business stays busy.

Premium function.


Amazing analytics including wait duration, average wait time, number of customers, contact details, demographics. Track to stay in contact with your customers.


All Industries

Built and designed for all industries:

  • Use automated messages to reduce staff cost.
  • Remove group sizes for non-hospitality.
  • Replace wifi/radio buzzers and track information.
  • Forward leads to your sales team.
  • Display wait position on waiting room screens.

Real Reviews

LadderChat can provide immediate feedback and reviews after you've serviced your customers. No longer will your online reviews be skewed based on extreme results.

(Coming Soon)



Combining both bookings and waiting customers onto one application. Reduce the confusion during your busy periods by viewing all your customers from one platform.