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Digital Wait List to Message Waiting Customers

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Mayhem during the rush

We know your job has challenges: managing customers, service, the kitchen, food orders and lots more.

Customers hate waiting for their table and get upset at you or your team for having to stand around and wait. LadderChat can help!

Immediate Benefits:

Increase revenue from additional foot traffic.
Queues are interesting, but no customer has ever said: "I can't wait to stand in line!".

Reduce stress from angry or upset customers.
You've got enough on your plate. LadderChat will manage your customer's wait expectations.

Improve customer experience allowing better reviews and customer referrals
Customers are happier they don't have to stand in one spot waiting. Happier customers refer more customers.

Eliminate customer confusion and queue jumpers
Serving customers out of turn will lose you business and receive bad reviews.

How It Works

Customers are added to LadderChat's tracker and receive a confirmation message.

"Hi Jane, thanks for visiting The Picnic in Burwood. We'll notify you when your table is ready."

LadderChat automatically updates and notifies customers of service.

"Hi Jane, thanks for waiting. You're table is up next, please make sure you are here for service. See you soon!"

Your business experiences greater customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

"Hi Jane, thanks for visiting The Picnic! We know it gets busy and appreciate your patience - see you next time!"

Use Case @ The Picnic Burwood

Inner West's Busiest Cafe, Sydney, Australia

The Picnic in Burwood Park is the busiest cafe in Sydney's Inner West serving over 2000 customer groups a month. Customers are required to wait for a table.

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  • Customers become disgruntled and upset waiting,
  • Loss of business as customers are reluctant to queue,
  • Cost of staff time managing complaints due to upset customers.
  • Customers leaving the cafe and leaving bad reviews.


LadderChat will track, manage and notify waiting customers. LadderChat:

  • Tracks and notifies waiting customers allowing them to wait elsewhere,
  • Reduces the visible line as customers no longer need to stand in place,
  • Manages customer wait time expectations.


  • Customers are more engaged as they are updated regularly,
  • More customers queue as customers perceive less people are waiting,
  • Customers are up to happier due to freedom of waiting and staff can focus on non-queue related tasks.
  • Customers are more engaged resulting up to 60% greater customer retention,
  • Customers are 90% happier resulting from the freedom of LadderChat,
  • Staff are up to 70% more productive as LadderChat manages the queue.
Lead Capture

Use Case @ Lead Capture / Marketing

Inner West's Busiest Cafe, Sydney, Australia

As customer information is captured by LadderChat, we worked with The Picnic in Burwood to re-activate their customers for their Mexican popup event.

table buzzers


  • Creating awareness for new Mexican themed popup event,
  • Huge costs to creating and organising popup event,
  • Re-marketing to same demographic.


  • Customer information is capture when they visited The Picnic Burwood previously,
  • Customers are re-marketed and welcomed to the short event,
  • Previous visitors are sit within the same demographic creating affordable marketing for high revenue generation.

Read about the popup event at Broadsheet.

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