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Wait List to Notify and Engage Waiting Customers

The Solution to Busy Weekend Rush

How It Works

Improve customer experience and capture leads

Customers are added to LadderChat's tracker and receive a confirmation message.

"Hi Jane, thanks for visiting Mercedes-Benz. Please have a look around our showroom. We also have complimentary beverages. We'll be with you shortly."

LadderChat automatically updates and notifies customers when a sales member is ready.

"Hi Jane, thanks for your patience. Our Mercedes specialist is available to help with your enquiry now. We can also arrange a test drive!"

Your business experiences greater customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

"Hi Jane, thanks for Mercedes-Benz. Feel free to provide immediate feedback by following the link"

Use Case @ Mercedes-Benz

Leading German Car Manfacturer

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane approached LadderChat to help manage waiting customers during busy rush.

Situation at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane:

  • Customers commonly visit dealerships during peak weekend rush to enquire about purchasing a car.
  • Due to higher than usual volume of customers:
    • Customers were being neglected,
    • Customers serviced in wrong order,
    • Reduced customer experience.
  • Customers leave the dealership due to lack of assistance and long wait period,
  • Staff would spend crucial time & resources trying to locate customer in showroom during peak period.


LadderChat will track, manage and notifies waiting customers. LadderChat:

  • Will track and automatically update waiting customer keeping engagement high,
  • Staff are able to find customer quickly and redirect to sales team member,
  • Record customer information such as phone/email for additional service.


  • Customers are happier as they are served in the correct order and prioritised,
  • Customer experience is greatly enhanced as customer can explore the showroom,
  • Sales staff can focus on serving immediate customers without interruption,
  • Lead capture for customers serviced, missed and on-going sales,
  • Customer retention 60% greater.


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