Use LadderChat to

Digital Wait List to Track and Notify Waiting Customers

Immediate Benefits:

Increase revenue from additional foot traffic.
Queues are interesting, but no customer has ever said "I can't wait stand in line!".

Reduce stress from angry or upset customers.
You've got enough on your plate. LadderChat will manage your customer's wait expectations.

Improve customer experience allowing better reviews and customer referrals
Customers are happier they don't have to stand in one spot waiting. Happier customers refer more customers.

Eliminate customer confusion and queue jumpers
Serving customers out of turn will lose you business and receive bad reviews.

Capture customer information to follow-up
Communicate with people that have experienced your business.



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Multi Industry Cloud Application

LadderChat is the pioneering customer engagement, service and notification cloud platform supporting all industries, whether your customers are waiting in a queue, need ongoing updates or immediate notifications.

LadderChat will keep you in contact with your customers through our automated, pre-saved messaging platform.

For more information on how LadderChat can help your business, select your industry type below:

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